Quality control is an integral part of our NPD process, ensuring that the product meets the highest quality standards. We'll conduct various tests, including microbiological, chemical, and physical tests, to ensure that the product meets all industry standards and regulatory requirements. We'll also conduct a final inspection of the product before it's released for distribution.  Here are the steps involved in our quality control process: 

  1. Raw material inspection: We inspect all incoming raw materials to ensure that they meet our specifications for quality and purity. 
  2. In-process inspection: We conduct regular inspections throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the product meets our specifications and quality standards. 
  3. Finished product inspection: We conduct rigorous inspections of the finished product to ensure that it meets all relevant performance and safety standards. 
  4. Testing: We conduct additional product testing, including microbiological testing, to ensure that the product meets all relevant regulatory requirements and safety standards. 
  5. Documentation: We maintain detailed documentation of all quality control activities, including raw material inspections, in-process inspections, finished product inspections, and testing results. 
  6. Continuous improvement: We are committed to continuous improvement, and we regularly review our quality control processes to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions as needed. 

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