Stability testing is a crucial step in the NPD process, ensuring that the product maintains its effectiveness and safety over time. We'll conduct rigorous stability testing under various conditions to ensure that the product meets industry standards and regulatory requirements. This stage can take up to six months, depending on the product's formulation and testing requirements. 

  • Sample Preparation: Prepare samples of the cosmetic formulation to be tested, following the manufacturing process, and using suitable packaging and storage conditions.

  • Testing Conditions: Determine the testing conditions that the samples will be subjected to, which typically includes temperature, humidity, and light exposure.

  • Test Duration: Determine the test duration based on the product's intended shelf life and stability claims, typically ranging from several weeks to several months.

  • Testing Frequency: Determine the frequency of testing to ensure that the samples are evaluated at appropriate intervals to assess their stability accurately.

  • Sample Evaluation: Conduct physical, chemical, and microbiological tests at appropriate intervals to evaluate the samples' stability. These tests typically include pH measurement, viscosity, color, odor, and microbial growth.

  • Test Data Analysis: Analyze the test data to evaluate the product's stability, including changes in physical, chemical, and microbiological properties over time.

  • Stability Indication: Determine the product's stability and its shelf life, and recommend storage conditions based on the test results and industry standards.

  • Stability Report: Prepare a stability report that includes the test protocol, test results, stability conclusions, and recommendations for storage conditions and shelf life.

  • Labeling and Regulatory Requirements: Ensure that the product labeling accurately reflects the product's shelf life and storage conditions and complies with regulatory requirements.

  • Post-Market Surveillance: Conduct ongoing stability testing of the product in the market to ensure that the product remains stable throughout its shelf life and identify any stability issues that may arise during distribution and use.

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